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Bazar (Blaža Jovanovića 8, Podgorica) – this shopping center in the capital has a number of local & regional retailers that sell various types of goods (from apparel to footwear, cosmetics, electronics, as well as home improvement supplies). There are also a couple of restaurants, and play areas for local school children. What is not … Continue reading Bazar


About Montenegro

The former Yugoslavian republic of Montenegro gets its name from the Medieval era, when the Republic of Venice once controlled that country’s coastal areas and Italianized the local language’s name of the land (“Crna Gora” – which translates into “Monte Negro”, or “black mountain” in Italian). Of course, like other countries that face the Adriatic … Continue reading About Montenegro


Alpe Bar

Alpe Bar (88 Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog, Podgorica) – given Podgorica’s limited nightlife options, this bar & restaurant is one of that city’s more popular hangouts just as much as the pizza that’s served here, as for the drinks.



Budva – this is one of the oldest ports in the Adriatic Sea (reputed to have existed since the Phoenicians). What defines the city is its high walls that were built during the 15th century, when the Venetian Empire controlled it. Flying over the city, one can’t help but think that the city looks frozen … Continue reading Budva



Bečići (beach) (near Budva): this is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea. With a small tunnel that connects Bečići beach with Budva, it has become a tourist enclave (with several exclusive resorts along the coast). The amenities found here are water sports, tennis courts, volleyball, basketball courts, mini golf and … Continue reading Bečići


Bird of Peace Statue

Bird of Peace Statue (Serdara Jola Piletića, Podgorica) – this statue, located outside the Plada shopping mall (and within walking distance of the Millennium Bridge at the country’s capital, Podgorica), is made of 500 old guns (that were voluntarily handed over after the 1990s Balkan Wars ended), along with the seats around it. Unveiled in … Continue reading Bird of Peace Statue